EXPOPRO is a private trade and investment promotion organization (TIPO), which was established in 2010 to promote and facilitate international trade and investment. The primary goal of this organization is to support businesses and investors in exploring new trade and investment opportunities, navigating complex regulations and customs procedures, and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with national and international counterparts.

EXPOPRO play a critical role in the global economy by promoting the growth of businesses and contributing to the development of thriving international trade and investment relationships. It offers a range of services, including market research, business matching, and advocacy, to help companies and investors succeed in the global marketplace.

EXPOPRO, aims to promote and facilitate international trade and investment. Its main goal is to increase exports and attract foreign investment into a country by creating an environment that is conducive to trade and investment. This can be achieved through a variety of activities such as market research, investment promotion, trade missions, business matchmaking, and advocacy for a more favorable trade and investment climate. EXPOPRO play a crucial role in boosting a country’s economy by creating jobs, increasing tax revenues, and creating a more globally competitive business environment. By providing support to local businesses, EXPOPRO can help companies expand into new markets and become more globally competitive.

As the Strategic Partner of the IMA International, UK, World Franchise Associates, UK, eBSI Export Academy, Ireland, Global Business Development Center (GBDC), Georgia, Go Global International Business Development, Egypt, IEOM, Nigeria, LTT Global Communications, Malaysia, Regal City College, Sarawak, Malaysia, The Innovation Workgroup, India EXPOPRO has been playing a vital role in aiding foreign resources to develop and trained local human resources of Bangladesh and has already earned the trust and confidence not only amongst the participants but also amongst the corporate and multinational organizations in Bangladesh. 

In October 2015, EXPOPRO has signed three MoUs with the Global Business Development Center (GBDC) of Georgia, Go Global International Business Development of Egypt, and the Institute of Export Operations and Management (IEOM) of Nigeria to extend its business promotion network to the African and European Countries for extended its services for existing and future customers. Also, EXPOPRO signed an MoU with LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, on 5 November 2015. The objectives of the MOU were to use LTT Global’s platforms to impact communities through MyMobileUniversity, a global initiative to impact lives through education and to support capacity building for SMEs’ through the MyUniCloud platform. MyMobileUniversity’s goal is to work towards empowering people by enhancing their digital literacy and empowering them via education to improve their livelihood and have a positive impact on their workplace, social and community circle. 

EXPOPRO has an understanding with IMA International, UK, one of the leading Consultancy and Training Companies in the United Kingdom, to provide their service to its clients. CEO of EXPOPRO is the Country Representative of IMA International, UK, in Bangladesh. Moreover, EXPOPRO signed an MoU with The World Franchise Associates, UK, in 2017 to promote their services in BANGLADESH. CEO of EXPOPRO is acting as the Country Associate of The World Franchise Associates, UK, in Bangladesh. Also, EXPOPRO has had an understanding with eBSI Export Academy, Ireland, since 2017 to provide its services to its clients. Moreover, EXPOPRO signed an MoU with The Innovation Workgroup, India, to render their services to Bangladesh on July 2016. Earlier, EXPOPRO also represented the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) of Malaysia and Maslow Trainers and Consultants Sdn Bhd. of Malaysia to extend their services to Bangladesh. EXPOPRO is the General Member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Dhaka, Bangladesh, since 2012 (http://www.dhakachamber.com) and a Corporate Member of Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BMCCI) Dhaka, Bangladesh (www.bmcci.org.bd).


CEO of EXPOPRO with the Minister for International Trade and Industry of Malaysia His Excellency Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed @ 11th WIEF  2015 held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business activities of EXPOPRO includes:
  • Consultancy
  • Trade and Investment Promotion
  • E-Commerce
  • Public Relations and Publications
  • Media and Communications
  • Study and Research
  • Professional Development
  • Global Education and Training
  • Certification Program
  • World Forum and Conferences

CEO of EXPOPRO with the Sri Lankan Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade His Excellency Malik Samarawickrama @ WEDF 2017, Budapest, Hungary.

CEO of EXPOPRO with the Minister of Trade of Indonesia His Excellency Agus Suparmanto @ 34th TRADEXPO 2019 Indonesia held at Jakarta, Indonesia


To enhance the growth of the country’s trade and investment opportunities and establish a prosperous future for sustainable enterprises.


To strengthen the strategic proficiency of the nation’s trade and commerce operations, resulting in enhanced access and competitiveness in the global economy.

CEO of EXPOPRO attended "ITC's MLS-SCM Asia Regional Network Workshop 2014", Bangkok, Thailand

CEO of EXPOPRO attended "Roundtable Discussion on ASEAN Trade Logistics Connectivity ASEAN+6 Symposium 2014", Bangkok,Thailand

CEO of EXPOPRO attended "ITC's MLS-SCM Global Network Roundtable 2011", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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