Major Projects DONE by EXPOPRO
(During 2010-2019)


Consultancy is a business of one or more experts from a company that provides professional feedback to an individual or an organization for a fee. The types of firms vary, such as technology and advertising firms. EXPOPRO has provided the following major Consultancy services to it’s clients –
1) Worked as Consultant (Communications) for “Global Avian Influenza and Zoonotic Behavior Change and Communication Support Activity” (PREVENT) – A global project funded by USAID and implemented with GoB by FHI DEVELOPMENT 360 LLC, Washington, USA, Former ACADEMY FOR EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (AED), Washington, USA at Dhaka, Bangladesh to coordinate with the event logistics provider to prepare for the AI Lessons Learned Meeting and Working on developing the next Workplan /implementation plan and coordinating the AI activities in Bangladesh (September 1, 2010 to August 1, 2011)
2) Worked as National Consultant (Communications Specialist) for Supply Chain Development Component (SCDC) of “National Agricultural Technology Project-NATP, Phase-I” implemented by Hortex Foundation and funded by World Bank and IFAD, Dhaka, Bangladesh (3 February to 3 June 2013)
3) Worked as local Supply Chain Management (SCM) Consultant for “Facilitating development of cost effective Supply Chain Model for procuring Agro produces for a project called FASAL” by KATALYST, Dhaka, Bangladesh (14 October 2010 to 31 May, 2011)




To promote country’s tradre and investment, EXPOPRO has organized the following trade delegation to different countries including Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia for several times.
1) BBMT 2017 (27-31 October 2017), Istanbul, Turkey 
2) BBDM 2018 (4-7 April 2018), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3) BBMT 2018 (6-23 September 2018), Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey
4) BBDT 2018 (23-26 October 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia
5) BBDM 2019 (3-6 April 2019), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6) BBDH 2019 (27-30 June, 2019), Jakarta, Indonesia 
7) BBDS 2019 (10-13 October, 2019), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
8) BBDT 2019 (16-20 OCtober 2019), Jakarta, Indonesia

C. E-Commerce is the Latest Online Marketplace in Bangladesh. We have a vast variety of best quality products being sold at the best value and price.

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. To facilitate country’s small and medium enterprises to sell online, EXPOPRO is facilitating a multivendor platform with “Stryke” i.e. 

D. Public Relations and Publications

To support EXPOPRO’s Vision and Mission, Public Relations are maintaining through it’s regular activities and EXPOPRO News is regularly publishing in every quarter alongwith Special Issues on the occasion of eny special event as follows –

47 Page 1
50 EXPOPRO News P-1

E. Media and Communications

To facilitate country’s leading NGOs and Projects to communicate with their stakeholders effectively, EXPOPRO has been developed the followings – 1) Developed a documentary video on “Construction Process and Immediate Results of Flood Resistant Shelter for South-West Region of Bangladesh (FRESH) project” of OXFAM-GB, Dhaka, Bangladesh (1 June 2012 to 31 January 2013)
2) Developed a documentary video on “Developing a training video documentary on fish Culture for the marginal fish farmers” for KATALYST (11 July 2012 to 30 August 2012)
3) Developed a documentary video on “Bangladesh Farmers’ Hubs the ultimate gateway for small holder farmers” for Syngenta Foundation Bangladesh for Syngenta Bangladesh Limited (19 June 2016  to 27 June 2016 )
4) Developed a documentary video on “Agro-based SME Cluster & Value Chain Development Project” for Agro Based SME Cluster & Value Chain Development Project funded by EU (11 August 2016 to 12 September 2016)

Video Oxfam Fresh-p1
Video Fish Farming
SFB Video Cover
Video Cover-2

F. Study and Research 


1) Conducted a study on ‘Market Prospecting for Potato Exporters in Bangladesh’ based on the field research findings of three major potato importer countries from Bangladesh, i.e. Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka for Agro-Product Business Promotion Council (APBPC) of Ministry of Commerce, GoB jointly funded with KATALYST, Dhaka, Bangladesh (29 December 2011 to 31 March 2012)


G. Professional Development 

To empowering  country’s human capital development, EXPOPRO has conducted the following –
1) Organized a workshop on Agribusiness Supply Chain Management (ASCM) in collaboration with DCCI and support from KATALYST (21-22 September, 2012)
2) Trained field and central NATP staff on how to write and present effective communication materials for different media for the farmers and other stakeholders for Project Coordination Unit (PCU) of “National Agricultural Technology Project-NATP, Phase-I” funded by World Bank and IFAD, Dhaka, Bangladesh (11 to 13 and 16 to 18 June 2013)
3) Organized a 2-dayclong workshop at DCCI Business Instiute (DBI), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on “How to Participate in an International Trade Fair” (15-16 September 2017)
4) Successfully conducted a training on “How to participate in the International Trade Fair and how to export” for SME Foundation, Ministry of Industry, GoB (10 December – 12 December 2017)
5) Trained field and central NATP-2 staff on how to write and present effective communication materials for different media for the farmers and other stakeholders for “National Agricultural Technology Project-NATP, Phase-2” funded by World Bank & IFAD (6 February – 19 February 2018)
6) Organized a workshop on Agribusiness Supply Chain Management (ASCM) in collaboration with DCCI (11-12 May 2018)
7) Trained 20 new Entrepreneurs of SME Foundation, Ministry of Industries, Government of Bangladesh on “How to participate in the Foreign Trade Shows” along with Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) of Ministry of Commerce, GoB at SME Foundation Bhaban, Dhaka (2 May 2019)

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H. Global Education and Training

1) Conducted a 2-Day Training Course on “Supply Chain Management and Procurement”  organized by the International Institute of Professional Development (IIPD) for State Trading Organization (STO) of Maldives held at Male’, Maldives (11-12  September, 2011)

IIPD Training 2011 (2)

I. Certification Program

EXPOPRO also facilitate to introduce different types of Certification Program Like “Halal Certification” from different region of the world. In this connections different activities has been done with Bangladesh Halal Development Center (BHDC) to introduce appropriate certication programs in Bangladesh to develop country’s export performance globaly.


J. World Forum and Conferences

CEO of EXPOPRO has attended different World Forums and Conferences enhance EXPOPRO’s International connections and Networks, which also hlep to establish it’s vision and mission.